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Mountain trip

Hi again~! This time i'm going to tell you about the trip i came from yesterday. I told myself it was better to post today because this is one of the few free days i've got left. After today the madness will be unleashed and plus, I promised Lexie i will, because she is anxious about my post.

My finance & banking classmates and I planned this trip since the beginning of the semester but things evolved in such a way that, in the end, only 5 of us actually went: Lucia, Alexandra, Andreea, Marc and I. Andreea was the one that organized the entire thing and i must say that it was amazing! As i've mentioned before, I ADORE MOUNTAIN LANDSCAPES, so i couldn't say no to such a chance. 

During our stay at the cabin we ate alot, we went to a convent nearby, took walks, watched "Rio" the movie[a very cute and funny love story; watch it if you haven't already], started a camp fire; in other words we relaxed and enjoyed the nature. Also, Andreea's parents were so nice! They treated all of us like their own children. Her dad took us to the cabin, waited for us at the bus station[ we went first in Andreea's home town - Hateg and from there to the cabin somewhere in the Retezat mountains], he helped us shop for food and her mom waited for us with food so we won't starve until later when we would arrive at the cabin. 

 This was the yummy fruit salad with alchohol sprinkled on top [here is without alchohol]. It's made from apples, oranges, bananas and coconut.
Swamp somewhere on the edge of the road leading to the convenant.
Nisipoasa convenant
Meet Viorel - the centipede Luci found at "Viorel's spring" where we went to take water in order to cook. Isn't he nice? :))
Marc, being the thoughtful guy he is, brought us Milka.

Andreea's dog, Tiara, is one of the nicest and cutest dogs you've met. She's so playful and loves to be the center of attention. 
The owner of the cabin kept a pack of 7 dogs. They were all friendly, but the nicest of them all was Linda who the moment she saw me, came and nudged me with her nose to pet her. I didn't know what she wanted so i was a bit scared, but i pet her and she bowed her head obediently. When i was sad because my camera took a dip in the river[but it's dry and working now! yayy~~!!!] she came to me and put her head on my lap and when i left she came with me at the gate and nudged me with her nose as if saying goodbye. I was really touched. 
She reminded me of a stray dog i adopted when i was little - Lola, who was as kind as Linda is and who came with me to school every morning. But unfortunately my crazy neighbour took her from me. I just hope she is still alive and well now.

We also went to see the lake barrier up in the mountains, but i've got no pictures because they're made with Luci's camera.

We spent sunday night at Andreea's place. They watched a movie but i went to bed because i was tired and upset. Today when we returned to classes the trip was hot topic among our coleagues and teachers. I think it will remain so all week xD 

I don't regret going there because i was able to relax and have fun and i know that maybe i won't get a second chance to go there. Too bad the others couldn't come. :(

Oh and today i officialy changed my dentist! I chose well because she is very nice, skilled and has cheap prices for her services compared to others. I'm happy!

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