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After an exausting exam session I was invited to spend a few days at one of my japanese classmates' house in Caransebes city. I must admit that I've never been there before and also it's the first time I rode the train in daylight.
We wanted to go and explore the city a bit, but the bad weather forbid us to. BUT! I still took a picture from the window xD.
Although we spent our time inside the house, we didn't waste it. We played games like the mime, the psychologist and a game I never thought I would enjoy so much - World Of Warcraft Boardgame. It was my first time playing this and we played for 7 HOURS STRAIGHT without getting bored. We wanted to do something else too, so we sped up the level up process in order to finish. The only regret I have is that my character [a healer] was pretty weak and I couldn't help my team as much as I wanted to.

We watched movies and I fell asleep while watching for the first time. Delicious food was also present, of course.
The kanji on the cake says "usagi" which means "rabbit". It was made with nuts, baked apples, chocolate and whipped cream.
Breakfast was 16 scrambled eggs with ham, toast and biscuits.

And of course SUSHI! Sensei left us some ingredients to make another party. We made a lot before we left and most of it was left in Caransebes.
It was short, but I enjoyed myself. I can't wait for the second mini-holiday which will be in 2 weeks. It's soo hard to wake up in the morning now. T.T

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I decided to do what most of the Internet loving Romanians are already doing for a month now... I will post about RObotzi, a Romanian animated web-series made by the CreativeMonkeyz. It's about 2 robots, MO and F.O.C.A. who, in spite of their opposite personalities are best friends. They are shown in different funny situations like: getting a tattoo, questioning their friendship and even having a mysterious object from space fallen in front of them. My favorite episode is episode 01 [which is actually their second episode]. And I love their cute friendship and very funny dialogues... I wish to see more of them. Each episode is uploaded every Thursday evening.
Unfortunately, the series are only funny if you know Romanian...

Visit their website for more information about RObotzi and other cool stuff.
Credits: creativemonkeyz website and youtube channel.

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Exam session stress

My exam session started 6 weeks ago. I didn't think it would be so tiering. I mean, i did expect to lose my patience somewhere before the last exam, but obviously i was wrong. Exams this year almost killed my brain cells. >.< Thank God it's finished now.
Even before all this started i was getting nervous because i knew my first exam will be at my weakest subject - financial accounting. The night before this exam, i was convinced by my japanese classmates to go out with them and sensei because that was REALLY the only time we will be seeing her before she leaves. Sensei got a customized calender and a romanian traditional shirt as a present. We went in Manufactura Cafe to drink and then in Lucas to eat. Of course, we took lots and lots of pictures in the process [i won't post more than 2].

Customized calender
With Iza-chan

It was a moment I will cherish forever and I hope sensei will come to visit us. Or who knows? maybe we can visit her. My finance& banking classmates made a habit of us going to the cinema after an exam. It was a good idea to keep our mind off the stress graduately building.
Anyway, exams came and went, and by the time I reached the marketing exam for which I had to read a book of 600 pages I was....

When i realized that no matter how much I re-read the same sentences nothing stays stuck in my brain i've started to ask myself:

The night before that exam I slept with one eye open. My worst fears were confirmed when seeing the exam questions. My mind went blank and I literally started asking my classmates

I passed it, but even the teacher was surprised when he saw my mark book and realized he gave me the worst mark. He felt bad for it, but the mark didn't change. :))
On T.O.P of all this I had a little argument with another teacher because I dared to question my mark for a subject that wasn't his concern. He asked me: "Is it ok if i give you a 9? Because i saw your little "rebellion" against your mark on X subject." I was unpleasantly surprised by his question. My first reaction was

Was he trying to imply that I was not allowed to ask about my own grade and the grading system used because I clearly remember that all the time we were told to ask for help if we are in need. Plus I was made the leader of the "rebellion" [ i wasn't the only one who asked about the issue].
Usually, I would go in a rampage for accusations like this one saying 

But in business, diplomacy is needed so i decided to go for a genuine-looking smile and a smart reply like "Oh that one? Well... I was just curious how they re-calculated the marks and why some stayed the same, that's all". He looked at me with a you-don't-fool-me-but-I'll-let-it-pass look. I simply ignored him and went fuming out the door. I am still curious why did he think I was responsible for all that because he didn't say anything to anyone else who protested.
I must admit that this period was nerve-wrecking and incidents couldn't be prevented, but in the end i was rewarded with a well-deserved holiday.

Credits for kpopmacros@livejournal and to their original owners [thank you for making such great macros for us mortals to enjoy and laugh about]

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Timisoara - The little Vienna

Union Square
I was born, I grew up and I live in Timisoara. A city at the western end of Romania. A city of romance, often compared to Vienna, a city with a warm and welcoming population. I love to spend my summers on a hot summer terrace or a winter on the skating rink in the city
Although this city is not known as a historical point in Romania we hide many valuable thing in here.

Victoria Square

* 1718 - attesting brewery, the oldest of the current territory of Romania; 
* 1728 - the first waterway in the city, Bega, the oldest channel; 
* 1745 - Municipal Hospital construction;
# 1760 - the first monarch city with streets illuminated with lamps;
# 1771 - the first newspaper appeared on the present territory of Romania and also the first German newspaper in south-eastern Europe "Temeswarer Nachrichten"
# 1823-1826 - Janos Bolyai, serving in the garrison in Timisoara, work to develop non-Euclidean geometry
# 1854 - The first telegraph service in a city in Romania today;
# 1855 - the first city of the Habsburg monarchy with gas-lit streets;

# 1881 - The first telephone network in the current territory of Romania;
# 1884 - the first city in continental Europe with electric lighted streets, with 731 lamps,
# 1886 - first rescue station in Hungary and Romania;
# 1889 - the first European football match in Romania;
# 1895 - The first
asphalt street on Romania's territory;
# 1897 - first film screenings on the current territory of our country;
# 1899 - first electric tram in a city in Romania;
# 1953 - the only European city with three state theaters in Romanian, Hungarian and German
# 1989 - start of the Romanian revolution against the communist regime.
Trajan Market
 Timisoara has a long history beginning with ancient settlements on the actual hearth of the city and later with the first fortified around the twelfth century. The castle passed through various rulers who have profoundly changed the course of development. He began to develop under Hungarian rule of Charles Robert of Anjou, in the fourteenth century, and briefly became the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary. The fortress was later conquered by the Ottomans in 1552, and for almost two centuries has become a major Turkish military stronghold. In 1716 Timisoara has a strong history twist, when the city is conquered by the Habsburg Empire and start reconstruction and development as the capital city of Banat. Colonization of the Banat region makes Timisoara a true multcultural and multi confessional center. Bega waterway construction gives a strong impetus to economic development and trade. The city is experiencing a period of unprecedented prosperity, reaching to receive the name "Little Vienna" in recognition of the importance and beauty. In 1919 Banat unites with Romania and in Timisoara is established for the 1st time a government. The postwar soviet occupation marks the beginning of the communist period which ends in 1989 with the anti-communist revolution started from the town of Bega
Roman Catholic Cathedral Millennium
All the pictures above are taken by my ex-classmates from high school Aris and Razvan.Thanks for capturing the beauty of Timisoara in such good photos.

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Thai food

Iullius Mall - Timisoara/Romania
During Christmas holiday I spent a lot of my time at Iullius Mall because I had to search for presents, shop for food and other stuff. So while I was taking lunch, I think, I noticed something new in Food Court. They were about to open a new stand which is particularly Thai food. A few days after the opening I decided with Andra that we should take a look and try some of the country's culinary goodies. I even searched on the internet in the night before we went, some popular Thai cuisine recipes. I expected to find recipes like:

Thai seafood curry
Red roast duck curry

Prawn "Tom Yam" with coconut milk
Which are traditional Thai cuisine featured on Wikipedia and recommended by many other sites. But instead I have found this:

Chicken in sweet and sour sauce/ Curry rice/ Rainbow chicken
Chinese fast-food recipes at a Thai food stand. I felt disappointed. I know that the Thai culture has influence from Chinese culture but this is ridiculous. It's a shame that the Thai cuisine is in our mall only with the name. After we ordered I noticed that the owner of this stand is Chinese and the chef is Chinese as well. I told my mom about this new "Thai" food and she said "Maybe the owner of the Chinese Fast-Food wanted to expand  and he didn't know how." Funny, right? But still I wanna try traditional Thai food as soon as possible so if you know any Thai restaurant here in Timisoara or in Romania please tell me.

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Make-up trends

Red lips, multicolored eye make-up, golden cheeks. Find the latest trends when it comes to make-up and feel inspired by proposals from world's biggest names in beauty industry.

Code name: Coral

In this season, the number one rule when it come to eye make-up can be summed up in one word: coral. Issey Miyake, Cerruti, Kenzo, Givenchy or Yves Saint Laurent, all of them had relied on this color which is usually associated with hot summer days. For a pastel effect, start applying shadow to the eyelid furniture, blurring the color up under the arcade. The secret of this makeup is to use white pencil in the internal corner of the eye to "light " the look and then finish it with a touch of mascara for volume. Warning! The coral is not recommended if you have dark circles around your eyes because it will accentuate them.

Lips like blackberry

After smoky-eyes make-up in the color of ripped plums or nails like May cherry was on, now Missoni or Dior used for their catwalk presentations models that wear black purple lipstick, being grim but extravagant in the same time. Warning! Even if you use matt or satin lipstick, do not apply it before you outline your lips with a pencil of the same shade.
Not recommended for those with black hair (unless you're a fan of the Gothic style).

Passionate red

Bright red, crimson or dark red - this is one of the most popular trends of the season. At Chanel and Gaultier, red is present on the nails and lips, with electrifying effect. Warning! For red lipstick, it is recommended a porcelain doll complexion. Try Vichy Normaderm Foundation, recommended for skin problems or BB Cream from Konad, which is also whitening cream. In addition I suggest a very discreet eye makeup: a touch of mascara is enough. And if you want to be extra feminine on your nails you can play with red nail varnish, binding in the same shade of lipstick.

Exaggerated eyebrows

Eyebrows like 80s style are back in trend.
At Valentino and Gaultier, they emphasize the eyes, giving a personality plus. So, give up the tweezers and, moreover, use a pencil the same shade for a more dramatic effect. Bushy eyebrows match a peach skin, make up slightly, almost imperceptibly.


Golden skin, which we adore during summer is now trendy....in winter.
This time, designers have had a good idea because this trend helps us having a glossy moral. Use a translucent foundation, quality lighting, a satin powder that you apply all over your face, then a golden blush applied only on your cheeks' shoulders, nose, chin and eyelids.I recommand Catwalk BeYu blush with a velvety texture and creamy, with medium coverage, which gives the skin a silky. It is ideal for achieving a perfect makeup.

Too much

Miu-Miu and Dior have adopted a two-color eye makeup, with evident Baroque influences. This time we can wear eyelashes, crimsoned skin and carmine lips all at once. For eye makeup, draw two lines (thick or thin as you like), in two complementary colors. And that may already seem "too much", I recommend a more transparent skin makeup and nude lipstick or gloss.

Contrasts Fashion

If last season the most powerful trend was so-called "no make-up", this winter the trend is preserved, but with a little extra detail: red lips. Wear natural lashes without mascara, only curved with a special clamp. Shape brows with a lip pencil and apply several layers of lipstick. This makeup is very modern and extremely easy to wear.

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Let's go party!

Hello~ This will be my first post this year haha. Time flies soo fast. Another year passed and with it my age changed too >.>.
Last year i partied soo hard and i neglected school a lot. My resolutions for this year are many...too many to mention. To make the long story short - this year i want to do my best in everything.
During the holiday i was happy Lexie came from Cluj, but the sad thing was we didn't spend as much time as we wanted all 3 of us together. I spent the New Year with Lexie and her family in a village nearby. It was fun. We tobogganed! I haven't done that since i was like...5 years old. I remember back then i fell off the sleigh face-first in the snow with the sleigh on top of me xD My dad was scared, but i started laughing. I felt awkward doing it at 20 haha, but i enjoyed it nevertheless. Lexie and her brother fell on ice. I caught them on tape haha! Then we came back home and spent a few hours celebrating my birthday because Lexie had to go back. Most of the time during the holiday i felt bored considering that before that, each day i was extremely busy. It was good though because there was time to relax.

Just recently Tomoko sensei called us to lunch in her hostel apartment. The space was extremely small for 18 people to fit in, but we managed to squeeze in somehow. I had a great time with everyone and the food was extremely delicious. It was really the last time we saw her before she will leave. She cooked for us rice, liver, fish, chicken, vegetables and she also gave us many many sweets.
And in case you were wondering how the food from the last party looked like, i managed to receive the pictures taken by my classmates.

 The first and the second picture are soumen [wheat noodles] and soya souce you use to eat them. The 3rd picture is chicken and the sushi we made and the 4th picture is the jelly desert. Yummy, right?

Besides these parties, i had many other outings with my classmates, japanese classmates and other people. Hopefully the next holiday will be as exciting as these parties were. And since i got an awesome digital camera, i will take many pictures in the future! Now the examination period is almost here so i will focus on studying. I want big marks so i will get money from the state hahaha.

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And I thought I was obsessed with Facebook!?

Since last year I am checking my Facebook account everyday, exception was when I was out of town, but now I brought a new phone that has mobile internet so I can access Facebook, my email and this blog even if I am far away.
And I thought that was kinda...you know...I thought I was obsessed with facebook and internet, but I figured out now that I am not obsessed, because I haven't reached her level:

Her name is Lana Dumitru and she's a Romanian designer. And the funny thing is was reading some foreigner blogs about fashion when I discovered her. Her creation "Facebook dress" was vote by many fashion sites as favorite. Congrats. This is indeed an innovation.

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