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Hearts' festival


Lol it works the other way around too. Weren't you expecting me as well? [I had to post this awesome gif from 2ne1's new video - I'm the best...can u see the kitty? can you? huh huhuh?]

So anyway~ uhm...in spite of my obvious FAIL which i am not pleased with, i managed to pass all my exams in the end. I am very dissapointed with myself, i must give you that, but at the same time i am so tired that sometimes my self-scolding turns into something like
All that's left now is practice which is BORING AS HELL. I don't learn something new, i don't seem to speak the same language as them because if i ask, for example, what these papers are for they start speaking something which i don't understand, that's when they actually don't ignore my questions. Plus i can't stay more than 2-3 hours per day because they don't need help with anything. Thank God next week it will be over.

After i finished my last exam, dad took me to see the "Hearts' festival" in Rose Garden. There on the same stage Voltaj sang, performed a series of dance groups from all over the world. Because that night was the last one, I saw serbian group - "Dimitrie Tutovic", french group - "Les compagnons du baroser" [not really sure of the right spelling] and mexican group - "Orizava". The mexicans we're so cool! They brought their own mariachi band to help with the performance. I filmed the dances for the serbian group and the mexican group. I am sorry i couldn't film the french group. When they started performing i just returned to the table where my dad was to get a drink and by the time i went back, the french finished performing :( I uploaded the films on my Facebook account.
A little girl who was beside me was so interested and fascinated with me filming the event and how the camera works that i allowed her to come and see the camera upclose. I even took a picture with her as payment.
But she wasn't the only one to be interested in me. A guy who later i identified as the little girl's father stared at me rudely during the serbian dance perfomance until i couldn't take it anymore and stared back at him questioningly. Only then he looked away embarassed.
At the festival, of course it was full of food stalls. I ate some chicken with chips and pickles and dad bought fish.

It was a good way to spend my time even though i was tired.
I want to spend more time with Lexie. Ever since she came back i saw her like twice because of my idiotic schedule. I also want to finish my dramas and start others~ i want to sleep more...i want...*sigh* time for myself. Anyway~ I'll update when i will have something interesting to say. Until then take care of yourself!

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