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After an exausting exam session I was invited to spend a few days at one of my japanese classmates' house in Caransebes city. I must admit that I've never been there before and also it's the first time I rode the train in daylight.
We wanted to go and explore the city a bit, but the bad weather forbid us to. BUT! I still took a picture from the window xD.
Although we spent our time inside the house, we didn't waste it. We played games like the mime, the psychologist and a game I never thought I would enjoy so much - World Of Warcraft Boardgame. It was my first time playing this and we played for 7 HOURS STRAIGHT without getting bored. We wanted to do something else too, so we sped up the level up process in order to finish. The only regret I have is that my character [a healer] was pretty weak and I couldn't help my team as much as I wanted to.

We watched movies and I fell asleep while watching for the first time. Delicious food was also present, of course.
The kanji on the cake says "usagi" which means "rabbit". It was made with nuts, baked apples, chocolate and whipped cream.
Breakfast was 16 scrambled eggs with ham, toast and biscuits.

And of course SUSHI! Sensei left us some ingredients to make another party. We made a lot before we left and most of it was left in Caransebes.
It was short, but I enjoyed myself. I can't wait for the second mini-holiday which will be in 2 weeks. It's soo hard to wake up in the morning now. T.T

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Anonymous said...

numai bunataturi manci tu cand mergi la altcineva ;;)

Natsumi said...

I am from Caransebes :))
I just want to ask you...your friend is japanese and live in Caransebes ?

Andra said...

@Lexie: normal~ :>:> sunt tratata ca o regina oriunde ma duc :D
@Natsumi: omg xD cool! nope, my friend from Caransebes is romanian. :) he is my collegue in japanese class. here in timisoara you can take japanese classes at West University. I took these classes for a year and a half before my sensei's contract was over and she had to go back to Japan. Tomoko sensei will be visiting again this autumn starting 26 september :D i can't wait~!

Natsumi said...

@Andra:really cool.I understand!You can study japanese at West University or there are just classes? I want to study japanese.Until now I wanted at Cluj.Ohhh so cool <3 Tomoko-sensei kawaii namae <3 by the way do you want to talk more on the messenger ? :D

Andra said...

@Natsumi: You can take Japanese classes at the University even if you're 50 years old and you get bored. :)) age or your school doesn't matter. classes are free. you just have to make some time to attend and pay attention in class :D
This year a new beginner class will be formed. i will tell you more details on the messenger if you want :D add me up! andrut7_16@yahoo.com

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