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I decided to do what most of the Internet loving Romanians are already doing for a month now... I will post about RObotzi, a Romanian animated web-series made by the CreativeMonkeyz. It's about 2 robots, MO and F.O.C.A. who, in spite of their opposite personalities are best friends. They are shown in different funny situations like: getting a tattoo, questioning their friendship and even having a mysterious object from space fallen in front of them. My favorite episode is episode 01 [which is actually their second episode]. And I love their cute friendship and very funny dialogues... I wish to see more of them. Each episode is uploaded every Thursday evening.
Unfortunately, the series are only funny if you know Romanian...

Visit their website for more information about RObotzi and other cool stuff.
Credits: creativemonkeyz website and youtube channel.

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Andra said...

this is hilarious~ i love them! people who made them are really talented.

Cassiana said...

I like M.O :))

Anonymous said...

ce faci foca?
no bine mo uite

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