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Timisoara - The little Vienna

Union Square
I was born, I grew up and I live in Timisoara. A city at the western end of Romania. A city of romance, often compared to Vienna, a city with a warm and welcoming population. I love to spend my summers on a hot summer terrace or a winter on the skating rink in the city
Although this city is not known as a historical point in Romania we hide many valuable thing in here.

Victoria Square

* 1718 - attesting brewery, the oldest of the current territory of Romania; 
* 1728 - the first waterway in the city, Bega, the oldest channel; 
* 1745 - Municipal Hospital construction;
# 1760 - the first monarch city with streets illuminated with lamps;
# 1771 - the first newspaper appeared on the present territory of Romania and also the first German newspaper in south-eastern Europe "Temeswarer Nachrichten"
# 1823-1826 - Janos Bolyai, serving in the garrison in Timisoara, work to develop non-Euclidean geometry
# 1854 - The first telegraph service in a city in Romania today;
# 1855 - the first city of the Habsburg monarchy with gas-lit streets;

# 1881 - The first telephone network in the current territory of Romania;
# 1884 - the first city in continental Europe with electric lighted streets, with 731 lamps,
# 1886 - first rescue station in Hungary and Romania;
# 1889 - the first European football match in Romania;
# 1895 - The first
asphalt street on Romania's territory;
# 1897 - first film screenings on the current territory of our country;
# 1899 - first electric tram in a city in Romania;
# 1953 - the only European city with three state theaters in Romanian, Hungarian and German
# 1989 - start of the Romanian revolution against the communist regime.
Trajan Market
 Timisoara has a long history beginning with ancient settlements on the actual hearth of the city and later with the first fortified around the twelfth century. The castle passed through various rulers who have profoundly changed the course of development. He began to develop under Hungarian rule of Charles Robert of Anjou, in the fourteenth century, and briefly became the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary. The fortress was later conquered by the Ottomans in 1552, and for almost two centuries has become a major Turkish military stronghold. In 1716 Timisoara has a strong history twist, when the city is conquered by the Habsburg Empire and start reconstruction and development as the capital city of Banat. Colonization of the Banat region makes Timisoara a true multcultural and multi confessional center. Bega waterway construction gives a strong impetus to economic development and trade. The city is experiencing a period of unprecedented prosperity, reaching to receive the name "Little Vienna" in recognition of the importance and beauty. In 1919 Banat unites with Romania and in Timisoara is established for the 1st time a government. The postwar soviet occupation marks the beginning of the communist period which ends in 1989 with the anti-communist revolution started from the town of Bega
Roman Catholic Cathedral Millennium
All the pictures above are taken by my ex-classmates from high school Aris and Razvan.Thanks for capturing the beauty of Timisoara in such good photos.

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