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Thai food

Iullius Mall - Timisoara/Romania
During Christmas holiday I spent a lot of my time at Iullius Mall because I had to search for presents, shop for food and other stuff. So while I was taking lunch, I think, I noticed something new in Food Court. They were about to open a new stand which is particularly Thai food. A few days after the opening I decided with Andra that we should take a look and try some of the country's culinary goodies. I even searched on the internet in the night before we went, some popular Thai cuisine recipes. I expected to find recipes like:

Thai seafood curry
Red roast duck curry

Prawn "Tom Yam" with coconut milk
Which are traditional Thai cuisine featured on Wikipedia and recommended by many other sites. But instead I have found this:

Chicken in sweet and sour sauce/ Curry rice/ Rainbow chicken
Chinese fast-food recipes at a Thai food stand. I felt disappointed. I know that the Thai culture has influence from Chinese culture but this is ridiculous. It's a shame that the Thai cuisine is in our mall only with the name. After we ordered I noticed that the owner of this stand is Chinese and the chef is Chinese as well. I told my mom about this new "Thai" food and she said "Maybe the owner of the Chinese Fast-Food wanted to expand  and he didn't know how." Funny, right? But still I wanna try traditional Thai food as soon as possible so if you know any Thai restaurant here in Timisoara or in Romania please tell me.

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Andra said...

yeah, i was kind of dissapointed as well, but the food was good though :)
your mom was funny but maybe she was right :))

Dee said...

I thought so too

Cassiana said...

Postul ăsta mi-a amintit că am de făcut tăiţeii thailandezi. :))
Vă invit la mine să mâncăm împreună. haha

Andra said...

oh venim venim imediat! asteapta-ne~!

Dan said...

Siam thai restaurant, singurul din Romania, in Bucuresti ! Restul sunt facaturi !!!

Andra said...

Si e scumpa mancarea acolo?

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