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Outing and other rants

Since I've arrived from Cluj I haven't been able to catch up on sleep. I've been skipping my 8 a.m classes because of that. Last night was better though so I guess starting from next week, I will be going normally to Uni. Because of our busy schedule, Dee and I meet up a couple days/week and watch Supernatural [season 6] or SunKyungKwan Scandal [we made a progress reaching episode 13]. 

My finance&banking classmates want us to go out more often[mostly for a drink or something because we reached the conclusion that we are already 2nd year and we don't really know each other well] and we planned a trip to "Raul Mare". I'm happy is a mountain area. I love going to the mountain! It's not expensive either.

My japanese classmates want the same thing although we started going out often since a while ago. Our last outing was with a japanese man Iza-chan picked up on the street...literally XD She said she was walking on the street when saw him. Thinking "oh~ asia-jin....but is he japanese?" she stopped him and his companion and asked where where from. When the reply was "Tokyo" she was like "Ah~ Sou??"*large smile*. They started talking and she invited him to go out with us.
I must say I admire Iza. If it were me, I would be just walking past and minding my own business. Kato-san is a nice person. He showed us many pictures from where he has been travelling like Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia etc. I wanted to cry because i want to see those places too! :(( He had also a lot of cat pictures too! *squeals* We took him to Union Square and then to Scottish Pub. We picked the place well since it was jazz night and jazz was one of his favorite genres. He is now in Bologna but he said he will be waiting for us in Tokyo.

Speaking of which...the last days I grow sadder by the minute when I hear the news about Japan. I am thinking "What about me?? How am I going to study there for my master's degree when this happens??" They have troubles with the nuclear plants as if the devastating earthquick and tsunami weren't enough. Who told them to construct nuclear plants where earthquicks and tsunami's can occur any minute??? But then again, I know that each country has its own reason for constructing those plants. I am lucky or better said, they are lucky for being so calm in situations like this and act swiftly unlike romanian people who start panicking and running in circles for weeks when there is a flood before doing something. I am sorry, but this is the truth.

And I have another reason to be sad...well, more like dissapointed. I registered for practice at a firm recommended by our teacher and guess what? I don't appear on the interview list. I spoke with someone there and i was told that they will contact me, but if they don't do something until monday I will there go personally. Is better when you have a trainer look after you. I mean if I were to go and search practice firm by myself, noone would take care of me and I wouldn't know what to look for when creating my portfolio. I mean, i will be having an exam from this and I am NOT going to FAIL.

Now I feel so much better after venting xD That's it for today. I've been giving you enough info. Until next time, take care!

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haha, ce smecheri sunteti voi! :))

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