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....I feel conflicted. I want to be left alone, yet i yearn for people's presence. I feel stressed for some reason and I need a break from everything and everyone. Perhaps my sickness is a reason for that too. I've spent 1 week in bed with a sore throat and an ugly cough. Even the meds i took made me sick and i had to change them. I lost 1 test and screwed up other 2 because i wasn't in the mood for study and i had no time either. But this break of mine must wait until summer. I have many projects with close deadlines and other tests/exams that await me. Must deal with those first.
But enough with complaining and off with the bragging! ^^;
Since i feel a bit better, i went out with 3 of my finance and banking classmates last sunday. We had a drink and took a walk in the center of the town because little Easter-themed shops have been established. They have everything from hand-made accesories to smoked meat or sweets. Also, today i noticed that they put up a hutch with bunnies~!!
The funniest thing happened while we were walking around. I was taking pictures of the center when i heard some guy say "hey! hey! take a picture of me too! don't you wanna? huh? Come on!! take a picture of me!". I thought it was some random guy asking for attention and i was preparing a smart line to chase him away. I turned with a smirk on my face and said "oh? you want a picture? Then take a picture with me :)" We were both smiling when he said "sure" and asked his friend to take a picture of us because i tried to snap a selca and couldn't [damn me and my height!]. The girls' jaw dropped instantly when they saw what was happening. But a moment later i asked him how has he been lately and then they realised we actually know each other. He was my classmate back in highschool. The girls told me they thought i was flirting and acting close with a random guy like it was the most normal thing in the world. That's what i get for not being able to control my acting :))

Yesterday i had to meet with 2 of my current classmates to research and talk about our project for Credit Institutions. We met to drink a cup of tea at my favorite library - "Carturesti." 

We found what we needed and tomorrow we'll meet again to go into details. We went to "Diverta" too and there i found the cutest keychain EVER!

Today I got an emergency call from Iza-chan saying that one of our classmates from the japanese course, Alexandra, got into contact with Masa, the vocalist from a Visual Key band called "Ant1nett".[I swear I love the way we keep bumping into japanese people like that. Source of information for us.] He was in town and they agreed to meet. Of course i couldn't let this pass me by and i went there. We found him in front of his hotel, waiting for us while smoking. He is a really nice guy, but he was shy at first [maybe due to the fact that 5 girls came to see him XD; lucky for him Csaba came too and he wasn't feeling awkward anymore].
He told us many interesting stuff about Japan and its people. [We made sure to ask many questions xD] We took many pictures, especially Csaba, who is really into photography. On the other hand, Alexandra gathered up some courage and made Masa an origami UNICORN. I didn't know it was possible, but now I have proof too. She is really good. I can barely make a heart -.-#
Of course, small incidents couldn't have missed. We tripped, a kid almost bashed her face into some pointy rocks right at Masa-san's feet, i spilled some honey on my clothes embarrasing myself. But the biggest incident was this: we entered a Turkish Fast Food shop and the girls who served were stunned when they saw Masa. They started asking us "what language is he speaking? Chinese?" "no, he speaks japanese" "Is he japanese?" "Duuuhh~~" "Is he male or female?" "male" "He's so wierd~!" That's when i lost my temper and told them with a bit of venom on my tongue "He's the vocalist of a rock band. That's why he is dressed like this, it's nothing wierd with that." And then they shut up. I hate when people start categorising others like that. They don't know him[not that i did, but yeah, you know what i mean]. Good thing that he doesn't understand Romanian. Saved us and him from a lot of trouble.
But at the end of the day everyone had a good time and that's what matters :)

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Lexie said...

lol =))) tu , stiam eu ca flirtezi cu toti de pe strada, playeritzo care esti! :))
ma bucur ca te mai distrezi si reusesti sa treci de stresul cu testele :( sper sa reusesti sa iei note cat mai mari si sa iti salvezi notele..
si sa te faci repede cat mai bine.
andra fighting!!

cre-cre said...

Oh my what a full day you had. As Lexie said you should be paying more attention to your studies rather then flirt with "random" guys. :P
The unicorn and the bunnies were really sweet and way to go standing up for your friend.

Dee said...

I never deard of his band before, but I checked him on YT and they sound pretty cool.
OMO I wanna make an origami unicorn too.
I passed by Victoria Square today and saw the bunnies. They are so freaking adorable...Also, something else made my day shine...plushie sheep..yeyey...I must buy one

Andra said...

@Lexie & Cre-cre: don't worry, i'll be fine :P even if my studies are affected a bit it's not the end of the world.
@Dee: i saw those today too and i was thinking about you when i saw those plushies :))

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