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Spring is here!

I can finally feel it!*jumps up&down* The sun is up in the sky, the weather is warm and i can finally let go of winter clothes. Proof is everywhere!

To celebrate the great weather, a few of my classmates and i went to the park nearby after we finished courses to just chat and relax.
After an agonizing wait, the short Easter holiday came too. Since right now is Easter let me wish you the best!! I've decided to rest for a few days and then start reading some courses. But until then, i will read the 2 books I bought yesterday[as a present from my aunt]
I've read the first 40 pages of "Piercing" and i must say that i love it! It's about a guy who has a wife and a newborn child and who harbours thoughts of killing his baby which determines him to seek other victims. A dark psihological thriller = my type. I don't know much about "The norvegian woods" but people have been saying is good, so why not?

I'm happy cuz i've discovered that one of my favorite bands, Within Temptation, released a very interesting and cool album this year - "The unforgiving". I'm listening to it now hehe.
Today i saw the movie with Johnny Depp Lexie was telling me she stumbled upon last night on TV
It's a 2004 movie about the story of J.M. Barrie's friendship with a family who inspired him to create Peter Pan. It was a very touching drama.
Speaking of movies... I also watched
 at the cinema with Deny, Iza, Bobby and Csaba. Nice movie, although i predicted some stuff. Don't regret seeing it though because it had an interesting concept. ^^ And also i watched
with Dee and it was a bit dissapointing in the sense that we expected it to be more scary. It seems that no horror movie scares us anymore. What didn't dissapoint me until now is the show i'm watching lately
It's very interesting and reminds me of the time i was studying biology in highschool. I recommend it!
So...this is about it for today. I'll update when i have time because after the next week i'll be very busy preparing for tests and exams.

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cre-cre said...

Spring is in the air!!!
Question: Why does Piercing has Haruhi on the cover if the novel is about a guy who hates his kid and goes on a killing spree?
I saw Source Code, but I doubt I will watch the Rite. I'm a scardy cat so I won't risc me not sleeping. Heh, you should try watching Korean movies. Those are really scary.

Cassiana said...

Yes spring is here~~~!!!
I want to watch Seource Code hmm~

Andra said...

@cre-cre: uhm...i honestly don't know why Haruhi is on the cover xD I never asked myself that question although i thought it was wierd there is an anime character on the cover. You should try reading "the norvegian woods". it's a love story. you might like it.
hahaha actually i saw a few korean and japanese horror movies :D they're nice, but lately more and more contain lots of gore and they are less scary.

@cassiana: watch it then!

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