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Spinning back the wheel: February

Hi everyone. How have you been? I certainly have done so many things that I didn't have time to post on this blog and I'm sorry for that. So I decided to go back in time and relate most of the events starting from February.
February is the month of love and that's because from the beginning until after the 14th of the month wherever you go you can see how love is in the air. Literally and figuratively, because at the mall there were cardboard hearts hanging from the ceiling * laughing * but also you could see many couples holding hands on the street or buying presents for each other. It was very romantic.

Speaking about presents I received a two presents from my boyfriend. The first one is a self-created heart made from Malachit in a simple but elegant box made also by him: 
I really like that fact that he struggled to do this for me since I like things that are hand made and also I love the green color, matches my room very well. The second present I received from him, which I adore the most is also hand made (but not by him), two red hearts and one pink rose placed on lotus leaf all made from wax. My name and his are written on the two hearts and a short message is written on the lotus leaf that says " With love for little chicken". He likes calling me little chicken, which in Romanian means "pui". It's funny and cute at the same time.

I on the other hand, racked my brain to find something that he likes, that can be useful and enjoyable to do or to have. So when I went shopping for Valentine present I dragged Andra with me. I bet she was cursing me in the second we entered the mall because it was Valentine's Day fair. Everyone was buying presents for their loved ones so it was crowded and noisy and you could barely find something interesting. At first we brought a candy and after a few rounds we gave up and went to Carturesti for some tea. That's where I spotted his presents. It was pink origami box with hearts that was shinning like screaming for my attention. So I went there analyzed it a little and then decided to take it.

But since we have this tradition of two presents, one prank and one that's good. Well I wouldn't call it a prank though, it's rather a present that doesn't impress you as much ad the second one will. I decided to try by myself to make for him a heart from origami paper. I wrote inside two love phrases and put it on a envelope. So when we exchanged the presents I gave him only the envelope with the origami inside and lied and said it was his only present because I didn't have money and time to buy him something. He wasn't mad neither sad he was so attached on figuring out how I made that origami that I think he ignored what I said. After a few minutes I gave him the box and he was shocked because he didn't expected it. He said he thought I will buy him something that he wants but he didn't have any clue of it would be.

In the same month I went shopping for food with my boyfriend and his sister and strange and uncomfortable event happened to me. I bought soya milk with chocolate and also with calcium from the market and the chocolate one was spoiled although the expriration date was in March 15th. Weird.

Oh and I made a half of heart from pink grapefruit shell.

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