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Hi guys~! It's been a long time since i've posted here. It's because of the exam session[which was the worst until now]. I'm really stressed even now because everything is not over yet. But because i have the possibility to take a very short break, i decided to post here :) So let me tell you about the awesome events happened in between.

First, on the 28th may i went to my former classmate's wedding. Two of our former classmates came as well. The rest were family i didn't really know, so i'm happy Pauly and Mada came.  I'm really happy for her. She has found her half.

The wedding wasn't without surprizes. The after party was held in a tent on the backyard of a hotel at the edge of the city. Everything was ok because outside was hot, but  then...a storm came. Thank God the tent was solid enough to withstand it. The temperature dropped considerably so Mada and I spent the rest of  the evening sharing Pauly's jacket to prevent ourselves from freezing. It was a wedding i will never forget!

Secondly, there was a few graduations i attended. Deni-chan and Iza-chan graduated faculty and got their licence. I was honored to be invited to such a happy event.

In Timisoara during summer there are a lot of shows held. Iza found out about "International Fruits Day" and persuaded me to go. There, coincidentaly, a japanese old man stopped to ask for directions. I heard him talk and by his accent i could tell he was from Japan. I nudged Iza by saying "Can you see what i see? Can you hear what i hear?" in romanian. She quickly caught on and went to help him [interrogate him xD]. Kinoshita-san was very surprized to find out we are all speaking japanese and agreed to go to a drink with us. So the next few days my japanese classmates showed him around town [ i couldn't go all the time because i had tests to take]. The price paid was information about Japan, of course.

There was also a concert of my favorite romanian band ever - Voltaj. I listen to them since i was a kid. I grew up with them and it was the first time i got to see them live. I even purchased their CD.

The opening was held by DeepSide Deejays. For them it was a bit embarrasing because when the MCs went on the stage and asked "Do you know who is coming to sing for you?" the crowd went "VOLTAJ" "Who?" "VOLTAJ" "Voltaj and...?" "....". Nobody knew or cared about DeepSide Deejays. I felt a bit sorry for them because the crowd wasn't really responsive when they were on stage. Noone knew the lyrics and hardly sang along. When Voltaj came it was a whole different story. Everyone started singing along and chanting their names, screaming their heads off.

I must admit i had the time of my life there with my japanese classmates, Feaa classmates, Dee and a few other people i know. I recorded bits of the concert and uploaded it on my Facebook account.

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Dee said...

Gosh we have so many activities this season we barely have time for ourselves. It was fun at the concert though kkk

Andra said...

i agree. this summer will be no exception. i just hope we will have time to rest. at least a bit.

cre-cre said...


You guys go missing for months at a time and when you come back it's like you were having the best time ever. Not fair :P

But I'm happy you guys came back and with a lot of pictures and stories to tell. ^_^

I hope you guys keep this up, after all we're young only once in a lifetime.

Andra said...

:)) i noticed our habit to go missing. i wish we could post more often and not cram all the events in 1 post. but since we lack time, it's going to be like this for a while. i hope this summer we'll post more often ^^

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