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Street Delivery

 Street delivery is a project by Carturesti in partnership with other organizations and their slogan is "we close the streets for cars and open it for people". This is an event that aims to "innovate and strenghten the structural role public space has in local's lives through the conversion of the urban space in a green one". In short they promote art in all its forms and want to make people forget a bit about technology on which we became so dependent on.

It was my first time going. There were a few expos/workshops like: cartoon, grafitty, doll painting, etc. My japanese classmates participated too with an origami expo/workshop and they also wrote names in katakana for people who wanted. I couldn't help them because AGAIN i had other stuff to do for school, so i just went to watch. People were thrilled about it and many came to try it from little children to adults.

 The event is held in Timisoara and Bucharest so if you have the opportunity to go, don't miss it because you may bring home some awesome stuff made by yourself.
Before this [ i think] i went to another concert held by Cargo. It's not really my kind of band, but it was nice. I didn't take pictures, but i filmed a bit and uploaded it on Facebook.
After Street Delivery, shit got real and exams hit me square in the face + the stress i had[still have] with the practice at the bank. Session was hard and i failed, but after i rest today...

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Dee said...

I feeling sad because I couldn't go, there were a lot of interesting stuff that I would have liked to see. Btw the macro with GD it's just EPIC

Andra said...

yeah, maybe next year we get to go together and i get to help them too :)
i thought this macro fit the situation xD

cre-cre said...

That must've been really awesome. I always seem to miss out on this kind of events. It must've been so nice...
Maybe next year.

Oh, I also hope you'll retake your exams and get good grades. Get some rest and have some fun until then :D

Andra said...

yeah, it was really nice :D i'm not really updated with events happening in my city. i'm lucky my friends are :)) i go because they say we should go xD
thanks. i'll work hard and then rest as much as possible :)

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