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4 days, 4 girls

A week after the korean girls left, a good friend of ours, Alexandra, came from Bucharest. It was her first time coming to Timisoara so we were all excited. While showing her around the city, we laughed and talked about everything. She took lots of pictures of us and of course, the city.
As she requested, among the food from "the menu" we also had chinese food from the mall and pizza ordered from one of the best shops.

We showed her our famous parks where lots of people were talking a walk or walking their dog since it was sunday and the weather was nice. Alex loves dogs so she went there to take pictures. I agree those dogs were too cute to handle. Also a 3 year old girl who [of course] found me interesting ran to me, took my hand and came with us for a very short while. She was cute. Kids like me very much for some reason.

Of course her stay here wasn't going to be without surprises like in the train with that noisy kid, the homeless people coming to ask for cigaretts or money, or that crazy guy that scared me and Dee on the street. 
Other than that, everything was good. We even went to a photo booth in the mall and took pictures as a memory. It was Lexie's brilliant idea.

We found a chinese clothing shop that has as an advertisment the main cast from korean drama "My girl". We were shocked and the next day we went to see what you can find inside. In the other chinese shop, we made Alex take a picture together with the salesman -  a cute chinese guy. I've had my fair share of embarassment in this issue. I don't think i will ever set foot in that shop ever again. Or at least, until they change the salesman xD 

During these four days it was practically a girls' time to bond and have fun. I want to do it again! We will see Alex again soon because the 2nd K-pop Fanmeeting is approaching fast.

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