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Highschool memories

I saw this kind of challenges on other blogs and i decided it would be fun to post stuff like that as well. So here goes my first challange about highschool.

1. First day of highschool - I don't remember much of it. I remember i seated myself among people i didn't know on the second row waiting anxiously to see my new classmaster and math teacher. When he walked in he stopped after a few steps and said "ah~ so you are the chosen ones, right? the ones who will make my life a living hell for the next 4 years....interesting..." Everyone laughed. My thought was: "What?? He is the new classmaster? Are you kidding me?" And in the next minute we had a flash math test at which everyone in the class got a 2. =))

2. My very first friend in highchool - Honestly i don't remember clearly who it was. It was a girl, that i know, but i can't remember exactly who. I always got along with everyone to be honest.

3. Highschool schedule - I had morning classes until 3 o'clock. It was ok, but when you have classes until 3 p.m. friday you want to leave, right? Well, we couldn't because the last 2 classes were math. After 4 hours of math on Friday, you go nuts :))

4. Your favorite class to go to and why - I have to pick english class because the teacher that was with us during the first 2 years was strict and you actually learned something from her. It's because of her i speak english so well. Thank you!

5. Who was that guy - Nope, there was no guy. I mean i didn't like anyone. I did get along well with the guys though ^^

6. Tell me about that time you got sent in the office - There was such an incident. Our class indeed made our classmaster life hard. Every day a teacher went back to the office and started yelling at him because one of us did this or that. The most serious thing happened in the last year when we had a really big fight with the english/french teacher and we sent a complaint form to the minister. In a few days an inspector came to analyze the situation. She just got a minor punishment and we were left alone because we were about to finish highschool and they thought it would be too much trouble to drag that further.

7. Biggest drama I can remember - When we started highschool and everyone started to get to know each other, there was a girl in our class that claimed that her mom was possessed by a number of demons from Hell and that they tried all the methods with all the priests, but no priest managed to purge the evil from inside her soul. She even told this in front of the teachers. Ok, she doesn't have a nice family, but from this to her mother being possessed...let's just be real. If her mother in the situation that she claims, i think she wouldn't have lived until that day to tell it to anyone.

8. What did you usually bought from the cafe - Sandwiches mostly because that's the only food you had if you didn't bring it from home and sometimes sweets.

9. What were your school colors - We didn't have uniforms.

10. Your favorite teacher - i can't say i had teachers whom i really hated, so...almost all.

11. The girl who you just wanted to hit in the face - unfortunately, i had such a girl in my class. once i even got into a fight with her and since then our talk is resumed to polite chit-chat.

12. That sweet boy that gave you butterflies - i had other things on my mind then, so i didn't notice if there was a possible one :))

13. Mistakes in highschool - there was one incident i remember and i'm glad that everyone else has forgotten about it. once i was raising money for something. it wasn't my day and people kept calling me one after another to solve their problems. after a while someone kept trying to draw my attention and i couldn't take it anymore so i shouted: "what the f*** do you want now?? Leave me the hell alone already!" right when the teacher entered. Of course i was heard and the teacher lectured me like half an hour being horrified at the thought that such words can come out of my mouth.

14. Last day of highschool - The halls were almost empty. We took pictures in a hurry and told each other we would meet at the final exams. Everyone was stressed about it.

So this is it~! Hope you liked it. Feel free to do it as well if you like.

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Jean said...

it was interesting to read :D

Anonymous said...

Nice! The whole challenge in one post. I will try too.

But what was the reason you guys wanted to punish the teacher?

Andra said...

she was hysterical. i mean, i admit we were not saints, but you know that sometimes you are not in the mood for class and all. she would come and blow up on us just because probably she had problems at home. you couldn't move a muscle without hearing her screech. the small arguments between the class and her became bigger until we couldn't take it anymore :)) we tried talking to her first and then we complaint to the classmaster and headminister...you can't say we just went there without proper motives.

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