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Fun time with my neighbours

 Today I felt so bored and seeing the weather so appropriate for walking or having fun made me a bit sad because I had noone to hang out with. At 7 p.m I was supposed to participate in a meeting with the houseowners from my block which was boring as well. But my neighbour, Liviu, saved me! He called me from the outside half an hour earlier because he and his friend were bored as well. So I thought why not? Since my neighbourhood is full of kids and my cats are popular these days, it didn't take long for them to gather around.
We just sat there in front of the door talking nonsense and playing card games. This reminded me of the days when  Liviu and I were alone during the summer breaks when everyone else was off somewhere to visit their grandparents. Because we didn't have what to do, we used to play card games, our scores going to 1000 points. The loser got a punishment or not. The punishment usually was a 2 finger hit on the wrist. Yeah, we were that bored! :))
The meeting started a few minutes after 7 p.m with few of the members showing up. They started talking and after 5 minutes I realize their chat wasn't going anywhere so I returned to the kids. Among the "army" of children was a little, bold girl that had a crush on Liviu. She kept confessing her love to him. So cute!! Us, the girls, were encouranging her to kiss him on the cheek, but it didn't happen. :)) I must admit that Liviu will be a great father even if he says he doesn't want any children.

 By the time their meeting ended, all the kids from the neighbourhood were there. The main attraction was represented by my cats and the neighbours' cub dogs.

It was nice to spend some time like this. I really enjoyed it. A few years ago, I stopped going out to play with my neighbours because of other priorities, so it's been a while since I've done this. Ah~ I feel a bit nostalgic haha. I'm glad I brought out the camera to snap some pics. Thanks to Raluca for the suggestion :)

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Jean said...

nici eu n-am mai iesit pe la poarta de mult timp (stau la curte), sunt copii, dar n-am ce face cu astia de cls 1-4 :)) fetele cu care obisnuiam sa stau pe afara ba s-au maritat, ba s-au fudulit :)), ba una, ba alta...nu mai am cu cine :))

ps: cand dau click sa comentez imi apare un pop-up cu reclame :|

Andra said...

te cred...eu ies rar, dar doar pentru ca ma cheama liviu ca asa...nu am eu treaba cu piticii de la mine xD

aa nu stiu de ce iti apar pop-ups. poate e de la site

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