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2nd K-fanmeeting: Awesomness in Bucharest

On september 3rd in Bucharest the 2nd edition of the fanmeeting took place. Of course, Lexie, Dee, our friends, Alex and Delia, and me were present there as staff members. This year the event was organized with the help of the Intercultural Association Hansamo, Korea House Restaurant and other sponsors, and over 300 people were present[the number doubled since last year]. 

The 13 participating fanclubs had an expo stand each for promotional purposes only. They did their best to prepare a warm welcome for the other fans.

We also had a few special guests like M.D Club Dance Crew, Junno Girls, people from the South Korean Ambassy, members of the korean community in Bucharest, etc.
Junno Girls

The program included performances, dance battles, video projections, games, culture contests, all meant to bring a little bit of our favorite culture there. Dee even performed a traditional dance from Gyeonggi region together with Marina and we had a special guitar performance by Samuel Park, a vey talented student.
Time flies when you have fun and as tired as we all were, we wanted it to continue a bit more. Before leaving the club for "Free hugs for Korea" Campaign held in Carol park, we took a grup picture. Unfortunately not all of the fans are in the picture, but most of them xD

Immediately after the event was over, Dee took the first train back home because she had an exam to take the next day. Lexie and I stayed one more day because I had to visit some relative there and we took the opportunity to visit AFI Cotroceni mall. I must say its structure is impressive. Even cooler than our mall. Inside there is an ice skating rink and it has the cutest kiddy rides <3

Because we were very tired from the day before, we only sat down and talked alot and then we visited Diverta library.

That day went by even faster and my time to go home came as well. I wished I could've stayed more :( Maybe I'll go back to take JLPT level 4 in December. Should I? I'm not sure.
It was tiering but FUN FUN FUN! Next year the fanmeeting will be even better! We hope more people will come. Can't wait!

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Jean said...

i didn't attend! :D though the location was 2 steps far from my home xD lol
i'll definitely won't go next year either xD
last year i didn't go because i didn't know anybody and this year i didn't go because i know too many people - whose personalities i don't like, i don't think they'll change until the next year...
also, i find some activities like the "hugs for korea" one really pointless since there aren't enough koreans to hug in romania xD and those who live here attend the event...which makes this "hugs for korea" more like a "hogs for myself" kind of event...
just my opinion...

MiiutaChan said...

I will comment in romanian:)) Dacă ar fi să enumăr lucrurile negative...nu are rost. Eu am fost anul trecut pentru că ştiam doar persoane de treabă, anul ăsta am fost pentru că numărul persoanelor de treabă s-a înmulţit considerabil şi cu siguranţă voi merge şi în anii următori pentru că am atâţia prieteni dragi de revăzut. Andra anul ăsta am facut bis la hugging you and make a picture:))Şi m-am distrat grozav cu eelşi mei şi nu numai, dacă am regte? NU! De ce? Pentru că în ciuda nemulţumirilor am avut mereu zâmbetul pe buze. Love you guys! And see ya next year. Aaa şi apropo, free hugs 4 Korea nu are nici o legătură cu a îmbrăţişa doar coreeni, ci a îmbrăţişa oameni pentru Coreea, pentru această cultură.Şi asta a fost părerea mea.

Andra said...

@jean: eh, ce pot sa zic? nu trebuie neaparat sa vii. nu obligam pe nimeni :P si nu o sa te judec pentru ca asta e parerea ta. imi pare rau ca gandesti asa, dar nu o sa te fortez sa iti schimbi parerea doar pentru ca eu gandesc invers. si nu, nu imbratisezi coreeni, ci romani :)) dak mai prinzi cate un asiatic, nu cred ca e bai xD ca anul trecut cand au prins niste chinezi =)))

@mia: da~ we love you too! ma bucur ca vii si vei continua sa vii cu drag la fanmeeting. :D si eu sper sa pot fi acolo in fiecare an! si daca ma mut in korea/japonia vin odata pe an la eveniment. nu ma intereseaza! strang bani daca trebuie si imi iau concediu de la lucru ;)) si eu m-am distrat grozav chiar daca a fost nebunie si m-a obosit. daca nu era asa ma plictiseam sincer hahaha. si da, ai dreptate cu free hugs :P

Jean said...

o_O then how does that work? is it hugs for korea or hugs for romania? xD you know what i mean?? xD that's why i find that event kinda lame...>.>

Andra said...

nu, nu intelegi...functioneaza ca un fel de actiune de caritate, pricepi? cauza pentru aceste hugs e promovarea culturii coreene la noi in tara. nu stiu cum sa iti explic xD

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