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Let's go party!

Hello~ This will be my first post this year haha. Time flies soo fast. Another year passed and with it my age changed too >.>.
Last year i partied soo hard and i neglected school a lot. My resolutions for this year are many...too many to mention. To make the long story short - this year i want to do my best in everything.
During the holiday i was happy Lexie came from Cluj, but the sad thing was we didn't spend as much time as we wanted all 3 of us together. I spent the New Year with Lexie and her family in a village nearby. It was fun. We tobogganed! I haven't done that since i was like...5 years old. I remember back then i fell off the sleigh face-first in the snow with the sleigh on top of me xD My dad was scared, but i started laughing. I felt awkward doing it at 20 haha, but i enjoyed it nevertheless. Lexie and her brother fell on ice. I caught them on tape haha! Then we came back home and spent a few hours celebrating my birthday because Lexie had to go back. Most of the time during the holiday i felt bored considering that before that, each day i was extremely busy. It was good though because there was time to relax.

Just recently Tomoko sensei called us to lunch in her hostel apartment. The space was extremely small for 18 people to fit in, but we managed to squeeze in somehow. I had a great time with everyone and the food was extremely delicious. It was really the last time we saw her before she will leave. She cooked for us rice, liver, fish, chicken, vegetables and she also gave us many many sweets.
And in case you were wondering how the food from the last party looked like, i managed to receive the pictures taken by my classmates.

 The first and the second picture are soumen [wheat noodles] and soya souce you use to eat them. The 3rd picture is chicken and the sushi we made and the 4th picture is the jelly desert. Yummy, right?

Besides these parties, i had many other outings with my classmates, japanese classmates and other people. Hopefully the next holiday will be as exciting as these parties were. And since i got an awesome digital camera, i will take many pictures in the future! Now the examination period is almost here so i will focus on studying. I want big marks so i will get money from the state hahaha.

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