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Make-up trends

Red lips, multicolored eye make-up, golden cheeks. Find the latest trends when it comes to make-up and feel inspired by proposals from world's biggest names in beauty industry.

Code name: Coral

In this season, the number one rule when it come to eye make-up can be summed up in one word: coral. Issey Miyake, Cerruti, Kenzo, Givenchy or Yves Saint Laurent, all of them had relied on this color which is usually associated with hot summer days. For a pastel effect, start applying shadow to the eyelid furniture, blurring the color up under the arcade. The secret of this makeup is to use white pencil in the internal corner of the eye to "light " the look and then finish it with a touch of mascara for volume. Warning! The coral is not recommended if you have dark circles around your eyes because it will accentuate them.

Lips like blackberry

After smoky-eyes make-up in the color of ripped plums or nails like May cherry was on, now Missoni or Dior used for their catwalk presentations models that wear black purple lipstick, being grim but extravagant in the same time. Warning! Even if you use matt or satin lipstick, do not apply it before you outline your lips with a pencil of the same shade.
Not recommended for those with black hair (unless you're a fan of the Gothic style).

Passionate red

Bright red, crimson or dark red - this is one of the most popular trends of the season. At Chanel and Gaultier, red is present on the nails and lips, with electrifying effect. Warning! For red lipstick, it is recommended a porcelain doll complexion. Try Vichy Normaderm Foundation, recommended for skin problems or BB Cream from Konad, which is also whitening cream. In addition I suggest a very discreet eye makeup: a touch of mascara is enough. And if you want to be extra feminine on your nails you can play with red nail varnish, binding in the same shade of lipstick.

Exaggerated eyebrows

Eyebrows like 80s style are back in trend.
At Valentino and Gaultier, they emphasize the eyes, giving a personality plus. So, give up the tweezers and, moreover, use a pencil the same shade for a more dramatic effect. Bushy eyebrows match a peach skin, make up slightly, almost imperceptibly.


Golden skin, which we adore during summer is now trendy....in winter.
This time, designers have had a good idea because this trend helps us having a glossy moral. Use a translucent foundation, quality lighting, a satin powder that you apply all over your face, then a golden blush applied only on your cheeks' shoulders, nose, chin and eyelids.I recommand Catwalk BeYu blush with a velvety texture and creamy, with medium coverage, which gives the skin a silky. It is ideal for achieving a perfect makeup.

Too much

Miu-Miu and Dior have adopted a two-color eye makeup, with evident Baroque influences. This time we can wear eyelashes, crimsoned skin and carmine lips all at once. For eye makeup, draw two lines (thick or thin as you like), in two complementary colors. And that may already seem "too much", I recommend a more transparent skin makeup and nude lipstick or gloss.

Contrasts Fashion

If last season the most powerful trend was so-called "no make-up", this winter the trend is preserved, but with a little extra detail: red lips. Wear natural lashes without mascara, only curved with a special clamp. Shape brows with a lip pencil and apply several layers of lipstick. This makeup is very modern and extremely easy to wear.

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wah~ thank you for useful pieces of advice ^^

Dee said...

You're welcome Andra. Please look forward to my fashion advice.

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