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Tourists and another wedding

At the beginning of august, Dee housed 2 korean students who decided to visit Timisoara. We knew one of them since last year's fanmeeting. They stayed 3 days and Dee showed them around town. She did a great job at it, i must add. She should work as a tour guide. I joined them as well every day in their walks together with Lexie and her boyfriend, Andrei, who came from Cluj for a few days. The korean girls were really nice. They said they liked the city alot and i'm happy because of that. Because they wanted to spend their time visiting, we ate out most of the time. Pizza, sushi, icecream were a few of the things we ate.

Before they left they cooked for us a delicious dinner - kimbap, bulgogi and white radish soup.

It was a really good and fun experience for me. I learned a few things from them and also i discovered new things about my own city. xD I am so caught up in my everyday hectic life, that i don't see the beauty next to me. Almost everyone is like that and it's kind of sad. I would like to learn korean as well. I just know a few words and to read a bit. :D

After the girls left, I had a wedding to attend to together with Lexie, Andrei and Dee. One of my former classmates and best friend from highschool, Pauly [that's my nickname for him] got married to his highschool sweetheart, Madalina. 

Dee unfortunately couldn't go anymore, but i took Andrei and Lexie with me to the church. Because of the excitement, we got there too early, but it was ok since you could enter and take a seat away from the heat. Lexie spotted a prying mantis which scared her to death, but she still took pictures of it. xD The mantis was lying still on one of the church's walls.
After the church service, i followed my former classmates to the after party. I was a bit sick and Andreea [i participated at her wedding] helped me with a painkiller. The food was delicious, but after a while, i was so full! They served icecream too, but Andreea wouldn't let me taste it because she knows i have problems with my throat. I also took pictures with the newly weds. :D It was awesome! I have to admit that it's wierd for me to see my former classmates get married one after another. Pauly kept telling me that he will marry her ever since 12th grade, but i still need time to get used to the idea :))

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Jean said...

pity that they ate only foreign food (italian, japanese...) and no traditional dishes...:(
they didn't miss the opportunity to cook you some korean dishes though :)

Andra said...

they ate romanian food before since they were exchange students here before ;))

Anonymous said...

beautiful memories!! :D

cre-cre said...

Ahhh love is so sweet! That's a really nice story, old high school sweethearts getting married and living a wonderful life. So cute *all dreamy*

And yup, seeing old friends getting married is somehow weird. I sometimes wonder why are they in such a rush to start a family? Well, I guess we all have our own pace in life. :D

Oh, and was the food good? It looks so good in your pictures, darn it now I'm hungry...

Andra said...

yup it was delicious <3 i want to eat more~~ :))

Anonymous said...

The food looks delicious!! :D~

And the weddings give me a strange feeling.. I don't know, when I attend a wedding (and I do it often coz I'm obligated >.< ), I feel like I'm in a praying place of other religion and I'm obligated to pray with them to a God that I don't believe in...

Andra said...

@Lina: it was delicious! <3 lol how come? :)) weddings are nice..you get to eat yummy food. like my former classmate Andreea says: the best part about weddings is that you eat yummi food :))

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